Matthew Reiser
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  • B.S. in Computer Science, California State Polytechnic University at Pomona

Certification Coursework

  • Unix Systems Administration (Oracle)
  • Advanced Unix Systems Administration (Oracle)
  • Unix BSD-to-SVR4 migration (Oracle)
  • TCP/IP and Multi-vendor Networking (LearningTree)
  • Netscape Application Server (Netscape)
  • Active Directory and Windows administration (Microsoft)
  • JSP Development, Vignette Development (OpenText)
  • Security+ certified (CompTIA)


  • Great communication skills, whiteboarding, diagramming
  • Architecture/Technology selection, and vendor management
  • Desire and ability at all levels within practice and client teams
  • Co-founded San Gabriel Valley Linux Users Group in 1995
  • Multi-tiered infrastructure and application servers
  • SOA, ESB, EAI, Process Orchestration
  • WebLogic, iPlanet, Sun, Tomcat, J2EE blueprints
  • Content Management: OpenText, Interwoven
  • Portals: Vignette, NetPerceptions, iPlanet, BEA
  • Directory-based messaging
Software Development

  • Google App Engine, Eclipse, NetBeans, Xcode, SVN, Kenai
  • Development experience: shell, Python, Java, C, Pascal, HTML, SQL
  • Astronomy Domine (Calculates and animates planetary motion)
Systems and Protocols
  • Networking: tcpdump/Wireshark, Nmap, Nagios, Nessus, firewalls
  • Protocols: DNS, XML, SOAP, LDAP, SMTP, OSI model, IP routing
  • Web Services: Oracle, XML, Workday (CapeClear), JMS, JAX-RPC
  • Web Servers: Netscape/iPlanet/RedHat, install/config Apache since 1995
  • Security standards for applications/networking, PKI, SAML
  • Unix since 1991 (SVR4, BSD), Mac OSX since 2006
  • Linux since 1995 (Slackware), RedHat since 2004, CentOS 
  • Oracle and SQL-Server (Configured on Solaris and Windows)
  • Google Apps, Microsoft Office,, Mozilla
  • Virtualization: VMware Fusion, Parallels, VirtualBox
See full profile on Linkedin
Matthew Reiser,
Nov 11, 2010, 12:36 PM